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Radon and radioactive dust surveys

PARC Scientific designs and conducts public and environmental radon  measurement surveys. Surveys make extensive use of  integrating etched- track monitors to obtain the important long-term average exposure level necessary for radon dose assessment.

Surveys are based on a significant level of scientific expertise and experience, and are   statistically conducted to extract the maximum possible information within the constraints of the instruments. Both indoor and outdoor surveys are performed, and the measurement results are interpreted in terms of the radon dose.

PARC Scientific offers a full indoor radon survey and analysis service for assessment of residential radon levels. This includes radon measurement and investigation of “trouble” situations where elevated levels are encountered.  PARC will propose optimum mitigation methods to reduce radon levels

PARC Scientific designs radioactive dust surveys on a scientifically and statistically sound basis for both Total Suspended Dust and the PM10 fractions, but has no in-house instrumentation in this regard.

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